First Day of Spring

I pray that I never curse the snow–

Think I have the right to tell it where to go and how long to live.

Snow is one of the rare and rowdy things that can wrap its icy fingers around the clock and slow down time.

Powder lights eyes of all kinds,

It can wrinkle the world and find warmth in the frozen.

Snow lays heavy on branches yet lightens hearts

And I think that’s something we ought not to take for granted.


Ode to Raindrops

I turn into a little girl again when it rains.

I open my mouth to let a stray raindrop or two fall down my throat and, at this point, I have to believe that raindrops give me the giggles.

Click, click, click—

Plopping on the shingles, like on grandma’s lap

Ready to sing a bedtime song.

Click, clickclick, clack.

It only makes sense for something this pure to come from the heavens.